:BASE help.hlp :TITLE Remote Administrator v2.0 help 1 About Remote Administrator 2 What is Radmin?=Scribble101 2 What's new in the version 2.0?=Scribble102 2 Features=Scribble103 2 System requirements=Scribble104 2 Radmin security=Scribble105 1 Installation 2 Before installation=Scribble201 2 Installing Radmin files=Scribble202 2 Setting up the connection=Scribble203 2 Network installation of Radmin viewer and server=Scribble209 1 Network and TCP/IP questions 2 Modem to modem connection=Scribble211 2 Working with a serial port/null modem connection=Scribble212 2 Finding the IP address=Scribble219 2 Connection through Internet=Scribble213 2 Connection through the firewall=Scribble214 2 Sample TCP/IP settings for a one segment local network=Scribble215 2 Telnet access=Scribble216 1 Documentation 2 Radmin server settings 3 Log file=Scribble311 3 IP filter=Scribble312 3 Setting/Changing a password for Radmin server=Scribble313 3 Port option=Scribble314 2 Radmin viewer commands 3 Connection menu=Scribble321 3 Mode menu=Scribble322 3 File transfer=Scribble327 2 Rscreen menu 3 Switching between normal and full-screen modes=Scribble329 3 Full-screen text mode=Scribble330 3 Send Ctrl-Alt-Del command=Scribble331 3 'Send key' option=Scribble332 3 Get and set clipboard commands=Scribble336 3 Shutdown command=Scribble338 3 'Options' dialog=Scribble334 3 Statistics of the connection=Scribble333 1 Stop Remote Administrator server=Scribble340 1 Command-line switches=Scribble341 1 Radmin phonebook=Scribble342 1 Frequently Asked Questions 2 How can I send Ctrl-Alt-Delete to the remote computer?=Scribble401 2 I can not connect to the Radmin server. What can I do?=Scribble402 2 I'm getting an error "Client I/O Error", when trying to connect to Radmin server. What can I do?=Scribble403 2 What is the 'Connect through host' option in the properties of the connection?=Scribble405 2 How can I print during a remote session?=Scribble406 1 Contacting and purchasing information 2 Registration=Scribble501 2 License agreement=Scribble502 2 Contact us=Scribble503 2 Radmin testing=Scribble504